Righteous and Harmonious Fists (pilarcruz) wrote in deltadeltadelta,
Righteous and Harmonious Fists

My unscientific poll

Okay, I looked at all of your suggestions. The first thing I did was just change the colors of the layout. I'm willing to spring for a paid account if one of you can pretty this journal up with a Tri Delta theme.

Here are the other suggestions posted:

--I think we could share fond Tri Delta memories and give chapter updates. Also post upcoming events for alums =)

-- conversation topics...what does you chapter do for such and such event, post acomplishments of different houses, pictures of events we are involved in

-- posting weekly questions like that would help with recruitment and fun: ex. kinds of exchanges, what works for chapters during recruitment, fun shirts

-- better discussion of ideas

-- Invite chapters individually to join!

-- update the colors & style so it's not so gloomy, try to get people to post more often so it's current with what's going on instead of months old news.
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