I'll be stuck fixated on one star (aftonbloom) wrote in deltadeltadelta,
I'll be stuck fixated on one star

hello deltas!!

I noticed this community has been really quite recently, so I thought I would start a topic and get us all talking again.
What chapter is everyone from, what is your initiation year, and if you are an Alumni where are you now?
I am from the Theta Lambda Chapter at Colorado State University and was initiated in 2004 as a sophomore so I just went Alum in May. I am currently in Austin, Texas getting my grad degree at UT.
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I was initiated in 1997 at the now defunct Theta Delta chapter at University of Oregon. I am a government employee. I pull staples for the people.
I was initiated in 2004 in my second semester of freshman year, at the Gamma Omicron chapter (also defunct! Sad...) at Princeton University. I'm now an alum and about two days from moving to NYC and starting a Master's at Columbia.
I was initiated last year into Beta Omicron...Illinois State University. We're getting ready to go through recruitment!
Installed/Initiated at The Richard Stockton College of NJ, Gamma Omega. I'm now in Phoenix, working for the state. I did just send in dues for the local alumnae chapter.
I am from the Alpha Alpha Chatper at Adelphi U, initiated in 1999. I graduated in 2002. I live on Long Island and work for a freight forwarder. I am in the Long Island alumna chapter.
yay alpha alpha for helping to initiate me! i guess i should have added that i initiated in spring 2003 and graduated in 2004, since all the cool kids added that to their comment too.
I'm from the Phi Beta Chapter at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I was initiated as a Sophmore in 2003, so I graduated in May 2006. I'm currently working in Phoenix.
Gamma Zeta Chapter at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS. Initiated in 2004, will circle out this coming May!!